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(84) Rosalie Duligal – Mad day out

About this Artwork
Price: $200 AUD

Researching my subject I was to find Enid Blyton. Her stories were for children that in todays era would be thought of not politically correct. But reading about her she seems a warm hearted lady that had a hugely creative mind for writing short stories that captured the child’s imagination of adventure. My small A4 painting is about three of her characters the tiny girl in the painting is referring to her first ever book ‘Child Whispers” a book of poems that became a best seller. The two characters driving in the car along the path are Noddy and Big ears .I wanted to create a vision of fun in her mad world of imagination and creation. A small painting that could not be thought of in any way other than a fantasy of fun that could be hung in any room to bring the passer by pleasure, and maybe a memory of reading Enid Blyton books from a child. This reference given at random A Mad Cap Windy Day has totally inspired this little work.

About Rosalie

After many years of study within the fine arts and gaining many papers and then a Bachelor of Art to my Master of Arts. I find my passion has always been painting in oils and watercolour. I paint many subjects, from portraits, landscape and still life. I spend many hours painting in my own atelier, which is the home of my ideas and creations. I think my works are different in that they come from my imagination rather than a photograph. Travelling and looking at what surrounds and provokes me generally ends up on canvas. I was once asked what painting means to me and I answered ‘beauty.’ Colours are important how they sit together on the linen canvas, or paper, which I keep a secret until finished. My works are not always very large as most people in smaller dwellings and large works maybe be to hard to hang, so I tend to keep on the scale of the medium sized frame. Painting and creating are so much of life I have to do every day, or I feel that something is missing.

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Rosalie was provided with the following page from 
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
A Childrens Treasury of Verse-Little Masterpieces of Today and yesterday.
One Madcap Windy day.