Plate 73

(13) Karen Chappelow – Transformation


About this Artwork

My page is taken from the Newnes Pictorial Knowledge Volume 9, 1950s edited by Enid Blyton, A Childrens’ Treasury of Verse-Little Masterpieces of Today and Yesterday.
A Midsummer Nights Dream-The Fairies Song.
I have painted Transformation as a form of awakening, the transformation of the body into a primal version- of the female, whereas the male looks on as the animal, tricked up to appear human in form. This in a sense for me is the story-no Fairies as such, but what happens in this dreamscape is the dream. It is dreamlike and blurs the edges of reality as a fairytale does, its primal, sexual and holds promise each person possibly becoming another, each person holding the possibility that they are both of these versions of their true self.
The forest awakening, the beast awakening, true forms appearing, true forms hidden…This is my interpretation and my ideal Midsummers Nights Dream.

About Karen

“I like it when I get a physical reaction from people when they view my art. The whimsy, fun and sometime political nature of life is evident from time to time. By expressing the fierceness of a female, the ridiculous in a scenario that I paint, a message turned into humour to soften the blow breaking down barriers to acceptance. The abstract nature of my work tries to blur the edges of reality and hopefully makes people smile, wonder and to think and create conversation.
Like squeezing a bit of lemon juice into a cut”.
Karen Chappelow has been Sculpting and painting for more than 20 years she has collectors both nationally and internationally. Karen has been exhibiting in WA for many years now and has just worked on collaborations in the fashion industry-wearable art. She is working towards a solo show in the not to distant future-when this Coronavirus makes it people friendly.
As well as the exhibitions she is preparing for she has been busy creating commissions for new clients, contact her for any requests or ideas you may have.

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Karen was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
A Childrens Treasury of Verse-Little Masterpieces of Today and yesterday.
A MidSummer-Nights Dream: The fairies’ Song.