Plate 108

(70) Anne Warren – Monsieur Madames Loyal

About this Artwork
Price: $275 AUD

I have referenced architectural shapes in the open curtains and on the wooden floor for the lecturn and have also referenced the colours in the abstract curtain shapes for the Monseur Madames Loyal. The clown became the strongest part of the image that I wanted to respond to. The clowns unusual shaped hat or head and the colours he wore became the highlight of my image. The Page I was given was: The Mills Circus, Painting by Dame Laura Knight R.A. The performers are awaiting their call to the sawdust ring. I however have turned it around with the Monsieur Madames Loyal making their calls from the other side of the curtain, from the ring.

I was inspired by an old print of a japanese warrior to make this 3D Giclee Print of three, Monsieur Madames Loyal, (Circus Ringleaders). This giclee print is presented in 3D form, on archival Platinum cotton 305gsm paper.

About Anne

I work from investigations and inspiration gained from an idea and or a found image that is further developed using a selection of media including abstract shapes, paint, drawing, digital manipulation, animation and by applying 3D techniques to cutouts.

My studio practice consists of found image, mixed media collage, still-life painting, digital imaging, photography and stop motion animation. These practices can sometimes be ephemeral, exist for a short time on instagram (annewarrenart) and will then are deconstructed and reformed into a brand new entity.
Work is created from a selection of images that have come together from a collection of old books from the 1960’s onwards. The process is one cut image laid out alongside another and so forth until a new entity emerges which is then often painted over or further manipulated for either an analogue or a digital image. Often the final image although most times is representational will have a surreal element about it.

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Anne was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 7
Great painters of all Nations- How they lived and what they achieved.
The Mills Circus.