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(74) Kathy Fahey – Winter Landscape

About this Artwork
Price: $500 AUD

One of the major motifs of my work is the Australian landscape so when given my page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950s Encyclopedia ‘Snows of the Matterhorn’ I thought this is not a landscape I am used to painting or indeed at all familiar with. ‘Winter Landscape’ is a handprinted collage and is my interpretation of this distant and foreign scene. I have used colours I would not normally use to portray this icy and perilous landscape, whites, cold blues, deep greens and purple. However as a nod to my own landscapes I could not but help include some orange, the colour I think of when describing much of the Australian environment. ‘Winter Landscape’ is a fanciful depiction of a place known in history, folklore and literature for its spectacular beauty and unpredictability. Like much of the Australian landscape it is an environment that despite the best efforts of humans it proves impossible to fully conquer and understand.

About Kathy

Kathy is a Melbourne based artist and her practice includes oil and acrylic paintings, hand painted collages and artist books. One of the central motifs of her work is the Australian landscape and the natural world in which she lives. Kathy exhibits regularly both at home and abroad.

Kathy’s paintings and collages celebrate the very act of making art – colour, line, brush strokes and surface. Her landscapes and collages are as much about negative space, movement and layering as they are about birds, trees and skies. They are not photo-representative but rather an artist’s interpretation of the landscape, slightly abstracted and expressive but still recognisable glimpses of the natural world.

Kathy’s collages are created using hand painted paper which is either cut or torn and re-assemmbled into a new artwork. The collages are in essence paintings relying as they do on the painted surface and the use of colour in their composition. They are depictions of landscapes or elements of the landscape such as trees, flowers and birds at any one special moment in time. A wave crashes upon the shore and then retreats, a bird lands and in an instant takes off again, a flower blooms and in a heartbeat the petals are blown away by a gust of wind. Nothing in nature stays the same so these glimpses of place and space are precious in an endlessly changing world.

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Kathy was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 5
The story of the world and it’s peoples.
Snows of the Matterhorn.