Plate 60

(1) Aneta Bozic – Forever Flora on Ossified Mountains


About this Artwork

The original work, ‘Cattle grazing beneath the snow-clad peaks of the Bernina Alps’, made me think of the controversy of cattle grazing in alpine national parks. The argument against this practice is that the impact of the cattle will cause soil erosion and have devasting effects on the fragile ecosystem of native plants. Those for cattle grazing argued that low intensity grazing is clearing the fuel load helping to prevent bushfires and that the landscape and native species are resilient enough to overcome any temporary negative impact from the cattle. Either way, death, in some form, is an element here: death of the cattle (by the very nature of the meat industry), death of this particular farming practice, and death of the landscape and its flora as a result of this practice. There is also the element of the lifespan, resilience and longevity of the various elements: the mountains, landscape and native flora, and the tradition of farming and grazing of introduced domesticated species.

My visual response to this piece, whilst keeping the same layout, is to flip and alter the components of the original image of the cattle grazing on the mountain terrain, to that of Australian everlasting daisies on mountains of weathered cattle bones.

About Aneta

I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne. Having originally studied computer-based art and animation, I now focus entirely on hand drawn and crafted arts, incorporating many found and foraged natural items as well as second-hand ready-mades into my artwork. These include ethically sourced animal bones, feathers, skins, nests and shells. Plant materials include seed pods, flowers, leaves and weeds. Kitchen items, plastics, frames, boxes and wire are found in second-hand stores and markets, discarded in parklands or washed up on the beach. I enjoy using all these items in ways that extend or ignore their original purpose and combine them together to create new forms and relationships.

Throughout my practice my philosophy and aesthetic are grounded in the appreciation of things that are most often overlooked, discarded or rejected. Whilst there is sometimes a sense of the macabre in my work, there is also a sensitivity and abstraction in the way these objects are presented. Through the treatment, isolation, combining and cropping of these objects, I explore the meanings and relationships we project onto them, taking them out of context and questioning our preconceived ideas of what they are meant to be.

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Aneta was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 4
The story of the world and it’s peoples.
Cattle Grazing Beneath the Snow-Clad peaks of the Bernina Alps