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(60) Claire ‘CBEARS’ Rayos – Ma

About this Artwork
Price: $100 AUD

‘Ma’ was an artwork inspired by my bond with my daughter and my relationship with my mother. In this piece I chose to explore only land animals and depict how love, relationships and sacrifice can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Being a mother or a guardian is so special.

As an abstract painter I really enjoyed the challenge of taking a different approach towards this artwork through structure, size and artistic freedom. I wanted the bright yellow background to allow the earthy hues of the animals to stand out and highlight their different approaches and expressions of unconditional love to their young, which really resonates with me as I continue to grow and understand what it is to be a parent. I find being a mother influences my art as much as art influences me as a mother.

About Claire

“Where being organised is a must in my life as a mother and teacher, when I paint and listen to music, I am the complete opposite, as these prompt a therapeutic release of expression”

CBEARS is a busy mother, secondary teacher and abstract artist who loves exploring and experimenting with colour and mixed media. Her main mediums are acrylic, gouache, water colour paint, pencils and pastels. Her painting process begins with no particular intention unless specifically briefed. CBEARS’ approach usually starts with colour blocking of large random shapes that are inspired by music which create the initial direction and composition of the artwork. A variety of brush strokes and palette knife applications create movement and texture. When the painting feels layered and balanced the final details are completed through markings of chalk-like pastel and thin coloured pencils. CBEARS’ style has been described as raw and expressive. ‘Ma’ was created during Melbourne’s lockdown.

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Claire was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The story of animal life- Creatures of the land ,the air and the sea.
Animals and their young.