Plate 59

(7) Jennifer Baird – Retro meets Retro


About this Artwork

My page from the 1950 ‘Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge, the story of the world and it’s
peoples.’ was named ‘The Grandeur of a Norwegian Fjord’. As I was weaving my
printed page with my page from The Jacaranda Junior World Atlas 1979, I thought
wouldn’t it be great if I actually had the original page (which we were also offered
and I had time to still get) then I thought no.. this exhibition is a response to the
Covid19 pandemic, art in isolation and I was sent my page electronically to print out
because of the pandemic. Art Aviso had responded to the concerns of artists
receiving their page in the mail.It wasn’t until I also read my page, from the encyclopedia it said ‘The world and its peoples’…that my page from my atlas was a map of the world. Initially I hadn’t made the connection I was looking through the atlas to find a map of Norway, which I eventually found next to the map of the USSR. If you look closely one of the squares says Norway. I really like the retro feel of both the encyclopedia and atlas. A worldand time long gone as we face the brave new world of our future post Covid19.

About Jennifer

I am a mid career multi-media 2D artist, encompassing screen and lino printing,
collage and recycled media constructions. Over the past few years as my life has
become busier I have moved away from painting, just doing the occasional oil
painting with a palette knife (can’t handle brushes anymore). As I have also aged my
sight has changed and I don’t do the fine brushwork of the gouache paintings I am
probably best known for. This has lead to me rediscovering my love for screen printing, which I studied at UTS in a Bachelor of Design. Instead of fabric it is now paper, I love the sound of the squeegee pushing the ink through the screen onto the paper…. I was meant to be a printmaker. It has also meant I can do small editions of ten, still exploring my love for the ocean and Australian seascapes and lead me to discover the joy of CMYK printing,how much fun is that?Another development is minimalism, especially in the palette knife oil paintings, I entered a white square into the 2019 Wynne prize which they were suitably unimpressed with. I loved painting it with the fine ripples from the palette knife, just like icing a cake. My collages have become abstract, with shapes and colours. This has also been alot of fun.

Link to Jennifer’s Art Aviso profile HERE

Jennifer was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 4
The story of the world and it’s peoples
The Grandeur of a Norwegien Fjord