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(90) Bev Plowman – Mont Saint Michel

About this Artwork
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When I received the image of Mont Saint Michel, from this amazing Encyclopaedia, I was delighted. A few years ago I went to France with my daughter and husband to visit a family in nearby Brittany, as we had their daughter live with us in exchange for a while. They took us to Mont Saint Michel and guided us around the abbey and village of Mont Saint Michel. We loved the vast sandbanks, architecture and local cuisine. I have many happy memories of this beautiful place.Great walls and medieval towers it is like a fairy tale. As you approach and the tide is in it looks magical. Unchanged over 100’s of years.
Enid Blyton portrayed its architecture and serenity. I decided as she was also a children’s author to show Mont Saint Michel as a fairytale image with poppies and cornflowers that the French countryside is renowned for in the foreground and golden sands like the yellow brick road running up to the castle. I thought it looks like Dorothy going to the land of Oz could walk through here or the “Famous Five” on a mysterious adventure.
I used watercolours some which are metallic to add to the magical feel to the work.
It was lovely to think about happy times and beautiful places we would like to visit again when the world recovers from our Covid isolation.

About Bev

I am a multi disciplinary artist who loves to experiment and try new things. I paint, make mosaic murals, work in ceramic and bronze sculptures.
Often my work is about water, nature and light.
I grew up In the Dandenongs and I love walking in nature to this day. I l have been influenced by Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism. Seeing large works that make the viewer feel immersed in another world inspires me and I love creating large works in either paint or mosaic. I like to push abstraction and experiment with different ideas and materials to create works that feel calm and relaxed. My landscapes are often abstract, reflective, meditative, soft and dreamlike. My paintings can often have mosaic like properties with facets of colours or lots of marks. I like to show light at different times of the day.
Last year I completed a residency in France where I painted large murals inspired by the amazing landscape.
I have made large mosaic commissions around Melbourne. At the Royal Children’s Hospital, shopping centres, schools, etc. I have won National and state awards for my mosaics. I taught visual arts for 25 years and this has influenced my desire to experiment and use various mediums. I still work in schools as an artist in residence to create large mural mosaics

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Bev was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 4
The story of the world and it’s peoples
Mont Saint Michel, France