Plate 43

(18) Jonathon Harris – The flames danced for hours (redacted)

About this Artwork

The title at the top of the supplied image was ‘Library in Chains’.

This conjured an image of words that cannot be read or witnessed because of the thoughts and feelings of a person who did not write the original words – a person or organisation trying to eradicate a moment, a person or situation from history.

The flames danced for hours (redacted) consists of 25 prints of a single central image – with each print made unique by the story it tells, different marks, words and censorship made directly onto the print using gold and black ink.

By creating a double image that has been digitally distorted and by censoring the content of a letter from 31 March of a redacted year, the aim of the artwork is to tell and/or hide a true story from different perspectives; leaving the content to the letter to the imagination of the viewer.

About Jonathon:

Jonathon Harris has been presenting/performing his own work for twenty three years across three continents.

Taking inspiration from the culture(s) around him, his own experience and the views and actions of others, he weaves together stories and images for different stages and spaces. in recent year Jon has worked as an installation artist and painter.

Jonathon has worked with artists and directors such as Rose English, Dawn Rose, Penny Howe, Fiona Blair and Jude Anderson to produce one-man performances, site-specific work and digital artworks. He is also a founding member of the EP Collective in Melbourne.

Venues include: Off the Kerb, No Vacancy, The Red Gallery and The Trocadero Art Space in Melbourne; The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; The Croydon Clocktower, London; Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm; The Art Gallery of Ballarat; and Punctum Inc, Castemaine.

Jonathon was chosen to perform during the 2015 Archibald Prize exhibition.

His work features in private collections in Australia, UK and the USA.

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Jonathon was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia
Volume 3
The story of the world and it’s peoples.
A library in Chains