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(33) Margaret Ingles – On thin Ice

About this Artwork
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“Whilst the images provided from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge are of Antarctica, I painted a northern Arctic scene and added a polar bear. The stimulus pictures were from the 1950’s, about three decades before scientists started talking about the disappearing ozone layer, and four decades before the first IPCC report was published. When I was quite young and the first David Attenborough “Life On Earth” series was televised, I remember watching it in awe and absolute wonder. I now watch nature shows, more often than not, with a feeling of grief, of loss, of what we are losing. I recently read an article on how art historians are revisiting their art collections, exploring how our concept of nature and our relationship to it, has dramatically changed in the last century. The current climate change crisis and mass extinction crisis, along with the unsustainable use of our planet, requires a revised world view and a change of priorities.”

About Margaret

Born in Canberra, I graduated from university in Anthropology and Sociology, after that completing two graduate degrees in Education and the Visual Arts. I went on to teach art in international schools in Nepal and Thailand but gave up teaching to pursue my own art practice nearly 20 years ago. These days, I am a dedicated contemporary realism painter focussing primarily on figurative work. I am also currently working on new works addressing the climate crisis, a shift in focus I have felt compelled to explore for some time. I recently travelled to Iceland to gather photo references for this new series.

For over 25 years I lived and worked in Asia (Nepal, Laos, Thailand, Singapore). Much of my art during this time celebrated the colour and diversity of people and places in the region. I also lived in Rome after completing a post-grad course on the Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance, fulfilling a lifelong dream to immerse myself in this country of masters and masterpieces and pursue my studies even further. I am a juried member of two international organisations -Artists for Conservation and the International Guild of Realism – and a member of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society.

I am currently represented at the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane. I have exhibited in Bangkok, Singapore, London and in various cities and towns around Australia. My art can be found in private collections around the world.

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Margaret was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 2
True Tales of high adventure
When the sea freezes