Plate 37

(4) Julie Milton – Challenging Times


About this Artwork

Challenging times’ is a digital collage using a process of layering and blending imagery. The work is in response to the image of the sailing ship ‘Half Moon’ captained by the English explorer, Henry Hudson, who sailed the east coast of Greenland in the 1600’s attempting to find a route to Asia.
The image inspired me to think about the ‘old’ world with its’ promise for new beginnings and discovery of distant treasures contrasted with the ‘new’ world and the troubling times we now face. That is, global warming, pandemics, fractured regimes, over population, extinction of flora and fauna species, et cetera

About Julie

Julie Milton (BFA, BAD, DipEd) is a visual artist, curator and an educator. Julie’s practice incorporates a range media: outdoor installations, printmaking and photo media including digital collage. Her subject matter is not fixed, however, the strongest thread throughout her practice is her concern with and interest in the ongoing and rapid changes to the natural environment and its effect on the future evolution of native flora and fauna.

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Julie was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:
Volume 2
True tales of high Adventure
Amidst the Icebergs