Plate 35

(127) Genevieve Villaflor – Golden Lines

About this Artwork
Price: $200 AUD

Drawing from the rich, vibrant colours within the encyclopaedia page. This work replicates the colours and lines that flow from the woman’s dress seen in the centre of the page. This was the start of the inspiration for the painting, as the eye constantly draws back towards the woman and the bright dress. The geometric lines seen in the artwork are inspired by the patterns seen on the table, dress and tiling of the floor. The artwork takes small details within the page and emphasises it through mediums of alcohol ink and acrylic. The people seen within the ceremony embody royalty, which the painting exhibits with the hints of textural golds, that compliment the geometric lines.
This page expresses a ceremony where all are gathered to watch, Genevieve invites viewers to take a deeper look into her painting to observe the small aspects that come to life in front of you.

About Genevieve
Genevieve draws on the aspect of intuitive painting within her work, she utilises the fleeting nature of emotions and feelings to drive the direction of her paintings. After Art school, she had predominantly worked with oils and acrylics, though recently has enjoyed the process of alcohol inks and its fluid nature.
Genevieve creates art as an outlet for healing, the creative process that is undertaken is of great importance to her. From the way the mediums coincide with one another, to how the brushwork is applied and the cognitive process of making art is incredibly profound in her work.
Genevieve’s work consists of fluid and textural aspects that invites the viewers to look deeper within the work, uncovering sections that might be intriguing to them.
When she isn’t in the studio, she works at a kindergarten in the hopes that it will allow her to move onto studying art therapy for young children in the future!

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Genevieve was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 2
The Romance of History
The Court of Claims