Plate 34

(112)Somrita Watford – Mughal Life

(1217) Helen Rossiter – Eva & Darius

About this Artwork
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The page I was given depicts a colorful incident, the entry of a King’s Champion into Westminster Hall to challenge anyone who opposed the sovereign’s right to the crown. I was inspired from this theatrical depiction to create my own colourful incident in a royal setting of the Mughal era. Being of Indian heritage, I have always loved the intricacy, colour and beauty of Mughal era paintings which depict the reign of Mughal emperors from the 16th to the 18th century. They often depicted scenes and portraits of emperors and their court, much like ’The Challenge of the Kings Champion’ page I was given for inspiration. My natural style of painting tends to incorporate fine brushwork, colour and attention to detail, which drew me to create this work inspired by the Mughal style, which also usually featured the same elements. My painting depicts a Mughal emperor and his court with heavily decorated subjects and architecture. Like the King’s Champion fulfils his role by challenging opposers, the dancers fulfil their role by providing entertainment through dance and music in the Mughal court.

About Somrita

I am an Indian born, Melbourne based artist. Art was a passion of mine in my teens and twenties and I wanted to pursue it as a career, but back in the 70s chances of making it as an artist and earning a living through it were bleak and my parents encouraged me to get a proper degree that would get me a decent job. So, after a career, marriage, kids, migrating to a new country and then later a job redundancy, 35 or so years later, I now find myself free to pursue my passion and creativity again! Being a self taught artist with no formal training I find my natural style leans towards realism. I create each piece with great care, paying careful attention to every detail with my interpretation of a subject on canvas. With each artwork I aim to bring a sense of joy, contentment and tranquillity to the viewer.

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Somrita was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 2
The Romance of History.
The Challenge of the Kings Champion.

About this Artwork
Price: 180 EUR

Research into medieval life and art led to a journey of discovery, which influenced and informed the style of the work and materials used. I learned where pigments came from and how artists made paint. I learned how to make my own paint and ink using natural pigments.
The armour is coloured with ink made from oak galls. The horse markings are from ochre I found on my local beach.
The sun is 24ct gold leaf, mirroring the golden halos of the medieval icon paintings.

The Kings Champion is gifted a cup from the king on Coronation Day. The subject of a medieval horse and rider reminded me of the tarot card ‘The Sun’, depicting a joyous child on horseback. This card has special significance for me as it represents my first pregnancy with my daughter Eva.

The character portraits and heart of this artwork are Eva and Darius. My daughter and her horse.

About Helen

Helen Rossiter is a practising artist living in Cork, Ireland. Her varied knowledge and experience of art practices are informed by her background in art conservation, silversmithing and her extensive studies of art and design.

“ I do want my art to be beautiful. Although I do love Beauty, I believe Art should be more than just pretty pictures. For me, my artworks will always have layers of personal meaning and social/historical elements. I will think about that for a good while before embarking on the final work. The Past, Present and Future – it’s all there.”

Curiosity, Imagination and Originality- are Helen’s three muses. Combined with a love of materials and the endless ways of expressing ideas and manifesting those to become a piece of art. Drawing, printmaking, painting, combining materials such as textiles, photographs and metals are some of the mediums used to explore her creativity.

Her work has been exhibited and sold through group exhibitions and art festivals, galleries and private commissions.

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Helen was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 2
The Romance of History
The Challenge of the Kings Champion