Plate 33

(27) Valentina Tansley – Sealed

About this Artwork
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This work is a response to an image of the sealing of the Magna Carter. Whilst the topic didn’t initially interest me, I was drawn to the composition of the image itself. As a designer at heart, I used the border decoration as the inspiration for my final work. I have recently been studying the art of sign painting, so the detailed cross pattern became an apt starting point.

I used a selection of old book pages to create the scalloped background texture, adding the cross concept over the top in ink. I was particularly interested in exploring the idea of negative space in the placement of the ink overdrawing, and this has resulted in an artwork which looks very different close up to when viewed from a distance.

I found working on this piece extremely challenging during the time of Covid-19. I had time on my hands but found it difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. The resulting work embodies many of the techniques I use in various styles of art and design but is not at all what I initially set out to do.

About Valentina

I am an emerging contemporary artist working primarily with paper based mixed-media, including collage, printmaking, typography and pattern design. My work has a bold, graphic and dramatic feel inspired by my background in music and the performing arts.

I’ve always been a creative soul and after trying my hand at many artistic pursuits I have developed a strong affinity for experimental collage. For the past five years I have been deeply immersed in this technique – exploring ways to push the boundaries and create interesting three-dimensional and textured paper-based works.

Using paper as the creative medium rather than the canvas creates all sorts of interesting opportunities. I love the tactility of different types of paper, and the juxtaposition of weights and colours. As an environmentally aware artist I aim to tread lightly, using waste, recyclable and ethical materials in my work.

Inspiration for my work comes from various sources – often urban landscapes, street art, architectural heritage and the notion of urban decay. I love the concept of controlled chaos and I often use this approach in my pattern-based collage work.

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Valentina was supplied with the following page from 
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 2
The Romance of History
King John sealing Magna Carta