Plate 28

(28) Maria Paterson – The die is cast

About this Artwork

When i first viewed this page, i was struck by its orderly, proper and appropriate serious expressions of characters in the scene. Nicely dressed soldiers in a pleasant rural setting, no sign of the violence of war to come. I wanted to know more about the consequences of Julius Cesars move crossing the Rubicon that day. I learnt it led to the Great Roman civil war in a politcal and military confrontation in the establishment of Cesar’s Roman Empire. Many battles were fought in different territories over 4 years. My response to this page was the idea of heading into these battles, conflicts and violence as result of crossing that line. I used the technique of ink and feather to lay down expressive marks in colours relating to the original page but also the idea of bloodshed. Working this way allows me to express a reaction and response to the subject Im experiencing.

About Maria

I like using the medium of ink to lay a foundation for the artwork, a direct expression where intuition is allowed free reign. A sensitive medium that aligns with the subconscious. What is revealed in this first expression guides me to create in further layers the direction of the artwork. A process that reveals itself as i move around the surface, using a mix of different mediums such as gouache, pastel or acrylics. The idea of digest with your mind and express with our body directs the way i choose to work. I like the idea of heading into the unknown, seeing the work unfold as i add to or change the surface as i go. If figures or forms emerge i will either enhance them or continue on with more marks till i see other images that can emerge , presence, absence, knowing, unknowing, leading to a psycic space of possibilities.

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Maria was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 2
The Romance of History

Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon