Plate 19

(53) Garth Henderson – botanic architecture/grandis tower

About this artwork
Price: $150 AUD

My initial response to the title ‘A cactus as Tall as a House’, was to work on a collage of reference photos I had taken at Cactus Country in Strathmerton, Victoria. After consideration, it was the title of the page, as opposed to the subject mater, that became more relevant in terms of a starting point for a dedicated piece.
As an artist exploring flora as architectural studies, the house reference became an opportunity to explore the architecture implied, but with a simplified model of one of my own works, a Bankis grandis cone.
In it’s simplified cylindrical form, it acknowledges the building modules of the iconic Tours Aillaud in Nanterre, Paris, designed by Architect Emile Aillaud, and built in 1976. Simple forms with minimal detailing.
By inclusion of a Brutalist stairwell observation platform, the final image implies a building or monument of size, and elevates the form from human scale to an object of reverence.

About Garth

My current work explores the space between the real and the virtual, utilising 3D modelling and sculpting software.
Organic geometry, in particular the unique and evolving mathematical permutations of Australian flora, forms the basis of an architectural approach to these constructions. I have created these works as a visual investigation of their complex forms: plant species as organic architecture.
By referencing flora, it is a creative approach rooted deep in experience as a visual artist and vocational horticulturist.
I have completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University, Perth WA, with majors in photography and printmaking, and also graduated with further specialisation in 3D modelling and digital media from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Victoria.
I appreciate my visual style is informed by a combination of my background in photography and horticulture, and a childhood spent in an extraordinarily botanically rich corner of Western Australia.
Existing works are in 2D digital print format on museum paper, as either unique state or small edition run.

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Garth was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia.
Volume 1
The Wonders of Plant Life in Forest,Field and Garden
A cactus as Tall as a house