Plate 18

(45) Michele England – Celebration

About this Artwork
Price: $90 AUD

friends and family gatherings … party hats, music to dance to, fun food, laughter, even hugs… Hold onto those thoughts and dream of celebrations to come.

Making this piece during the COVID 19 lockdown gave me time to play with imagery and materials and enjoy the process of discovery without being too prescriptive. Searching through books, magazines and my hoard of materials I gathered together favourite pieces. I have a particular fetish for reclaimed materials and enjoy breathing new life into them. I was taken by the three figures sitting awkwardly close with their party-hats and drinks – who are they , is it New Year’s Eve, and what year are they heralding in? The Rueben’s nudes lie on the beach towel-like napkins enjoying the view, while the three graces – symbolising beauty, mirth, and creativity – playfully dance without a care. Whichever way you celebrate, raise a glass, and enjoy those special moments of shared festivity with your nearest and dearest. Salut.

About Michele

I am an artist whose work invites the viewer to consider various topical issues, particularly those dealing with contemporary consumer lifestyles and the impacts of these on the environment. I am intently interested in making works that engage your eyes, body and mind.

Most of my research results in paintings or small sculpture. My paintings often use a collage aesthetic to combine imagery, painting techniques, pattern and forms. I also enjoy combining the practices of art and craft. This pursuit produces works that utilises craft techniques with everyday objects to make interesting metamorphoses and contextual changes to these objects.

I completed a Visual Arts Degree with Honours at the School of Art, Australian National university in 2013 and am now studying a Master of Philosophy, also at the ANU. I have had numerous solo and group shows in Canberra and interstate since graduating.

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Michele was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of animal life- Creatures of the land ,the air and the sea.
Fish climbing up a wall.