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(1197) Annette Wells Talsi – To Safety

About this Artwork

Price: 250 EUR

“To Safety by Parachute” was the title of my page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950’s Encyclopedia. The word ‘Safety’ caught my imagination and is what inspired my response – in times of danger, sorrow or stress where do we long to be? For me it was a time and place; at times I would dearly love to re-visit my childhood home, to see loved ones again, to re-experience moments of the past again. The aerial view of patchwork pastures suggest a soft landing, the stiching underlines the sense of fabric, and the fragile transparency of the tracing paper suggest the unreal nature of this journey – is it reflecting someone’s wish or imagination or their spirit searching for home?
Being given a random theme to work on was stimulating and refreshing, very different from my usual practice and it has provided me with multiple ideas to work on outside of this exhibition.

About Annette

My artistic approach is an organic one, with an increasingly autobiographical note. Stories of strange happenings, of ghosts and uncanny creatures fascinated me as a child and these influences remain, weaving their way indirectly into my work. There is a search for the quiet places, for mystery and wonder, for the combination of the concrete world and that of the imagination, for reflection on the interplay of self and the external world.
Open-ended journeys describe my process: the initial idea will come through interactions with the natural world, through something I’ve read, or experiences I’ve had, and then the materials and processes will suggest themselves, often with overlapping techniques. The act of making will lead to its own destination, sometimes keeping close to the original idea, sometimes veering far from the path and making for surprising discoveries.
I like to remain open to different techniques, I often switch from printmaking, to painting, to collage and back again, each medium affects the creative process differently and weaves its way back into emerging works.

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Annette was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
On things that interest you and me -Aircraft.
To safety by Parachute