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(171) Shona Hutchings – A Stitch in Time (Australia)

About this Artwork
Price: $200 AUD

I recieved page 251 of the Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The marvels of insect life
A pair of Swallow tails
I was initially quite emotional, for 2 reasons, one is that butterflies for me have a strong spiritual connection, often appearing just prior to some of my major life transitions. They symbolise transformation and feel joyous and uplifting.
Secondly, the word Swallow reminds me of my father, who had swallows tattoed on the back of both hands, as did many sailors of old.
I decided to include some swallows in this piece, along with the swallow tail butterflies.
I printed the page onto various tranparent papers.
I then cut elements I wanted to use for collage, combined with some old postage stamps.
I wanted the stamps to represent the travel of the swallowtails and swallows to different continents. I found a West Australian stamp and included that, to show the country we travelled to as immigrants and where this artwork has been created. Much like the Swallow tails, finding their way to other lands, immigrants in a strange land.
I love using dress-makers pattern paper, not only for its transparency but also for the stitch marks, cutting marks, numbers and shapes.
Photocopying the stamps, butterflies and swallows onto this paper helped to stitch it all together (scuse the pun) like a thread running thru time and space.
Underlaid with acrylic paint and inks, for that shimmery gold pop, I added final details and embelishments with acrylics also.

About Shona

Shona is a mixed media artist using ephemera, acrylic paint and inks, charcoal, plant matter found in nature and various mark making tools.
These can include but are not limited to wood print blocks, stencils, gel plates, found objects ( either man made or natural) fabric and her fingers. Shona is an intuitive artist who senses music as colours and combines her love of texture and this synesthete knowing to create layers of collage, acrylic and inks on canvas, paper or fabric. She then develops or covers over areas, to assist a more coheshive synthesis in the artwork.Often using glazes or transparent paints to show the underlying inter-connectedness of all elements., as a mirror for what she percieves in the world. Her art practice is therefore mostly impressionistic, child-like, experimental, energetic, often spiritual in nature and yet can sometimes be whimsical and humorous also. Shona works from her home studio near Fremantle in Western Australia and lives with her husband and cat, Mango, who adopted them.

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Shona was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:
Volume 1
The marvels of insect life
A pair of Swallow tails