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(63) Lesli Bell – Page 222- ‘how fish keep warm’

About this Artwork
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Page 222- ‘How fish keep warm in winter’- I paint wildlife all day every day, so this page was the perfect subject for me! I live on a beach with a huge reef just offshore, so I went snorkling on the reef and sat on the beach to draw the oriental sweetlip fish in the painting. Then I saw a moray eel and he had to be included. It took many swims to see and draw the details of the creatures. I painted them in a circle to illustrate their closeness and, to quote from the page; “huddling in a dense cluster with their heads all turned in precisely the same direction”

About Lesli

I have been painting all of my life, I used to paint in oils but found them difficult and cumbersome to travel with and so started painting in watercolour. I began doing botanical and science illustration, but now I paint wildlife and nature, inspired by the tiny details that I see all around me. I like experimenting with different surfaces such as maps and manuscripts. I am a loner by nature so wandering all day through the jungle with paper and paints stopping to draw and paint when inspiration hits, suits me. I am especially inspired by the awe inspiring beauty of the underwater world, so fish and coral reefs are one of my favourite subjects. I am especially drawn to paint endangered species and to draw attention to their plight. Luckily I find myself living on a beautiful tropical island with enough wildlife to fill a lifetime of inspiration!

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Leslie was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The water folk
How fish keep warm in Winter