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(63) Lesli Bell – Page 222- ‘how fish keep warm’ (Australia)

(1102) Hjördis Thelander – Winter fishes (Sweden)

About this Artwork
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Page 222- ‘How fish keep warm in winter’- I paint wildlife all day every day, so this page was the perfect subject for me! I live on a beach with a huge reef just offshore, so I went snorkling on the reef and sat on the beach to draw the oriental sweetlip fish in the painting. Then I saw a moray eel and he had to be included. It took many swims to see and draw the details of the creatures. I painted them in a circle to illustrate their closeness and, to quote from the page; “huddling in a dense cluster with their heads all turned in precisely the same direction”

About Lesli

I have been painting all of my life, I used to paint in oils but found them difficult and cumbersome to travel with and so started painting in watercolour. I began doing botanical and science illustration, but now I paint wildlife and nature, inspired by the tiny details that I see all around me. I like experimenting with different surfaces such as maps and manuscripts. I am a loner by nature so wandering all day through the jungle with paper and paints stopping to draw and paint when inspiration hits, suits me. I am especially inspired by the awe inspiring beauty of the underwater world, so fish and coral reefs are one of my favourite subjects. I am especially drawn to paint endangered species and to draw attention to their plight. Luckily I find myself living on a beautiful tropical island with enough wildlife to fill a lifetime of inspiration!

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Leslie was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The water folk
How fish keep warm in Winter

About this Artwork
Price: 170 EUR

My artwork ”Winter fishes” is inspired by The Newnes´Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia. Volume 1. The water folk. ”How fish keep warm in Winter” Page 222.
I was inspired by the photograph of a colony of fish in the famous New York Aquarium. When the temperature was lowered to winter temperature, they joined together in a dense cluster to help each other stay warm.
The image is a photo in black and white.
I interpret the fishes cooperation as love, warmth and light. Their fantastic collaboration is touching and beautiful.
All these loving and helpful fishes inspired me to create a pencil drawing in black and white.
The love and warmth of the image is symbolized by the small fish with the hearts, swimming together against the light.
There are tree figures in the foreground that invite the fishes into their warmth of love and fellowship.
A big bird-fish swims into the image from outer space, he is a symbol of the Father who kindly looks after his little ones. The little girl with the fish in her arms usually shows up in my drawings.

About Hjördis

Drawings made with a simple pencil on a piece of paper forms the basis of my creations.
The simplicity of the black-and-white grayscale and the meditative process as the image emerges makes me incredibly happy!
My artworks are detailed and they always tells a story. This story or fairy tale is open to interpretations by anyone who looks at the artwork. Feelings and thoughts about a work of art are a reflection
of the viewer’s own world – the universe of thoughts and feelings that we all consist of.
While looking into an artwork, a dialogue with ourselves sometimes arises.
The worlds that my drawings and paintings shows are both realistic and surreal at the same time. To illustrate everything that is beautiful and loving is my mission.
The contrast between light and darkness, the cooperation between the lines, the colors and the shapes form a symphony in my inner cosmos.
I love color, space , light, love and contrasts. Soft movements and distinct lines characterize my art.

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Hjördis was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The water folk.
How fish keep warm in Winter