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(134) Susan Lowe – Making Letters Big and Small (Australia)

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Letters of the alphabet are an essential form of communication. Seen in recent demonstrations, and written on placards, they can send powerful political messages. During periods of change or revolution fonts gained visibility.

Early childhood memories for many are associated with trying to form letters and to spell one’s name. Sign writing apprentices often spent hours learning how to correctly form letters over templates until a letter’s intricacy was mastered. Many viewers may remember slope cards that were used as guides to help form cursive letters in primary school. Writing in pen and ink also presented challenges for a young student.

Today, the computer has replaced old printing methods and the manual labour associated with typesetting letters and words individually. A drop-down menu presents the writer and designer with an overwhelming selection of fonts in multiple languages. Messages can be sent and circulated in seconds. Much has changed since the invention of the first printing press in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg.

About Susan

Passionate about the arts my tertiary qualifications include a degree in Visual Arts Education and a postgraduate degree in Cultural and Heritage Management. Time spent in the teaching profession and on my own practice in the fields of Visual Art and Design provided a wide platform for experimentation with different mediums. I especially appreciate how the accidental can be utilised to further develop the conceptual side of my work.
In addition, my teaching qualification provided me with opportunities to travel overseas and to live in various parts of Australia that would normally have limited access other than as a tourist.

I have at other times been a partner in a design company; created costume designs for several theatre productions; contributed to and edited school magazines and related publications; and worked as an education consultant developing educational materials for The Australian Heritage Commission.

Design has also been a dominant force in my life experience leading to awards in Interior Design, Drawing and Painting.

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Susan was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
Reading, writing and arithmetic.
Making Letters Big and Small.