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(133) Tasha Button – Gold Tut-ank-amen with Lion (Australia)

About this Artwork
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The original image from Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia took me back to the Gold of the Pharaohs exhibition which influenced my art in high school. The catalogue which I was able to trace gave me images that reminded me of my schooling Arts practice. The striking Golds and Blues of Tut-ank-amen and his jewellery. The soft porcelain like features of the alabaster lion juxtaposed next to the heavy Gold-like forms of the casket which shows the wealth and pomposity of the Egyptian age. The gold-leaf exhibits the richness of the casket so that Tut-ank-amen could enter heaven or the after-life, the red symbolising the blood of the snake bite. The colour White manifesting the purity in death, dovelike. It is almost as if the Lion who is in the background is wanting our attention, he is waving with his tongue hanging out in a humorous fashion saying “Look at me!”. The triangle shape of the sand paper represents the Egyptian pyramids.

About Tasha

I am an emerging Australian artist who works primarily with Oil on Canvas and Works on Paper. I studied Visual Art at The Julian Ashton Art School, Certificate of Fine Art, Central Queensland University, Bachelors of Learning Management and Central Queensland TAFE, Certificate IV Fine Art and Contemporary Craft. The still life is a genre that entices my senses and one that I am constantly in tune and processing in my practice. My influences are the objects, people and scenery that surrounds me. I like to use valorous colours in all of my work. I am drawn to the history of our world- my personal genealogical history, our nations history and the worlds history both modern and ancient. The royalty of earth, people and society as well as grandness and nobilities. I like using gold, silver and strive for beauty in my work. I have been exhibited in the Blake Prize for religious art, and over 32 mixed exhibitions. The process of creating and exhibiting artwork is an enriching occupation.

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Tasha was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 9
Great Nations of the past
A golden casket and alabaster vase