Plate 123

(125) Beth Nelson – Interference

About this Artwork

The Newnes’ Pictoral Encyclopedia page ‘More than half a century old; The Telephone and How it works’ was provided as my inspiration. The print directed me to think about changes in technological communication and how in 2020 and during Covid lockdown, the internet is associated with unease – despite our dependency and need for connection.

Many fear they can’t protect themselves from what is projected and delivered down our wires and in our ether – from fears of radiation, 5g or EMFs, to endless bad news, political manipulation and Public Health appeals. Fear is heightened by the intangible, and shifting landscapes.

It’s clear thats it’s not just the architecture of communication technology which has changed over time, but also our relationship to and with communication. We no longer have an occasional special conversation over the phone, we can communicate with just about anyone by taking the deep dive into clouds, waves and layers. Can we stay grounded surrounded by so much information? And what are we tethered to?

Today’s internet based communication and conversations can seem as much about seeing and not thinking, as hearing and reflecting. We no longer have dedicated human operators connecting our conversations, instead we grapple to fully comprehend the control by unseen computer generated algorithms. We strive to hang onto our personal agency.

About Beth

Fabric … textiles … stitching … layers … My compositions are driven largely by the love of stitching, fabric, textiles and markings.
Landscape and seasonal influences are themes of my work as is personal and collective trauma. My work often includes elements of respectful cultural fusion. I create to describe and make understanding from what is impacting on myself and others. If I have an idea I want to express I find textiles and fabrics which help tell the story, or fabric and materials suggests a focus.

My pieces are normally substantial and highly textured and I aim for appreciation both at a distance and close-up, where the stitching and layers have the most impact. All materials used are recycled or gifted and I often use rust-dyeing techniques to enhance the fabric.

I was excited to include wires and metal in Inteference as a revisit to work I produced in the 80’s punk days. The materials for Interference are cotton and metal stitches onto constructed card, recycled fabric, netting, wire, and copper piping. The original work is available (34 cm width x 46 cm length) and is mounted onto to waste plywood.

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Beth was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 6
The Telephone and How it works
More than Half a Century old