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(85) Jenny Davis – Iso Charging Machine (Australia)

About this Artwork
Price: $250

Iso Charging Machine.
Being ripped from our natural normal states, during unprecedented times, this machine collects our thoughts, ideas, emotions and turns them into ingots. A kind of sorting machine for making sense of thoughts and the human state. Using as a sorting machine we may then see the bigger picture. Once filled, each ingot is ejected from the mold and left to simmer and collate. Upon settling, thoughts, ideas and emotions disperse into smaller sections. Once, we can identify and describe our own emotions, action, can then then taken, to sort, keep or delete. Some gold, some less important.

My” Iso Charging Machine” relates to the state of the world at this moment in history. We are all forced to conform and drastically change and rethink our life, as it once was. How will we emerge after iso ? Will we continue on as we left off ? Do we need to re-think old ways of seeing, thinking and living in this world. What is important to us? By sorting out our inner self, then maybe, a new, different, human being and life will emerge.

About Jenny

Jenny Davis is a professional artist living in Victoria, Australia and has intermittently, lived in Paris, London and Spain. Jenny has worked on several, creative and research projects throughout Europe and US, over the past 20 years.

Her practice encompasses drawing, collage, photography, book arts, textiles, installation‚ video & virtual worlds. Jenny currently works from her studio in Yarra Valley Victoria.

Jenny’s artwork has been exhibited in Australia, Berlin, Paris, Spain, the UK and the US and is represented in numerous private and public collections. She has received awards and residencies both nationally and internationally, and her digital artworks have been projected onto buildings in Times Square, New York and in 2017 at The Venice Biennale 57 in Italy.

“In researching and documenting under-, abandoned buildings and marks left behind in the built environment, I find ‘beauty in decay, random marks, aerial perspectives, graffiti and weathered surfaces’.

My artworks link to the contrasts of imperfections, found in the urban environment, highlighting, insignificant marks, weathered surfaces and cast-offs. I am influenced by, abandoned, underground and derelict spaces, vacant industrial sites, structures, old walls & graffiti.”

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Jenny was supplied the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 6
Treasures won from the Earths crust – The Romance of Coal, Iron and Steel.
An Ingot Charging Machine at work.