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(52) Caroline Wisler – The Tale of the Stag’s Antlers (Australia)

About this Artwork
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I was given page 105, ‘The Tale of the Stag’s Antlers’, from the 1950’s Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopaedia. Upon seeing that the publication was edited by Enid Blyton my thoughts immediately turned to my childhood. As a young girl l was an avid Enid Blyton reader, where l was transported into a magical world of nature and mythology. In response to the imagery of the antlers l felt drawn to capture their beauty, poise, and power. Taking the structure of the male stags fully grown antlers, I have combined several different mediums to blur the boundaries and explore the pull between fact and fiction, as Enid Blyton did. Through the use of line, connection of flora, multiple mediums, and texture l built layers, as one does when writing a story. This traction provides a powerful, yet intimate narrative within the imagery of the work illustrating the elegance, grace, and strength of the antler.

About Caroline

With a focus on place and environment, through marking time, Caroline Wisler’s practice serves as a recording of flora, found objects, and other materials in their most organic state. The historical photographic technique Cyanotype allows her to capture the transience of plant and found materials through direct imagery transfer. This process harnesses natures’ natural energy, the sun, to capture the marks, shadows, silhouettes, and outlines of found flora and other objects. Her practice is informed and inspired according to the landscape she is working within and the materials found there.
Carolines work reflects upon our connection to place, how we exist within that space, and what forces are at play which bind us. She investigates what tie’s us to place by capturing a trace, and which emotions, memories, and perceptions hold us there.
Her work captures the raw, organic beauty of the subject in its most natural state, with the bold contours and receding shadows creating imagery that is full of movement, beauty, and elegance. In 2017 she completed her Diploma in Visual Arts after many years developing her techniques, exhibiting, and experimenting. She has recently exhibited with the Tweed Regional Gallery and completed a six month residency at the Caldera Wildscapes Gallery. Her work is held in private collections worldwide.

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Caroline was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The story of animal life- Creatures of the land ,the air and the sea
The Tale of the Stags Antlers