Plate 106

(1189) Viola Schmitt – The little Mother (Germany)

About this Artwork

For this artwork I combined two pictures of mothers (one contemporary and one from the 19th century) in a traditional style of analog collage, often referred to as rollage. It is one of my favourite techniques and the one that first got me into collage-making at the start of the pandemic. So it only seemed fitting that my contribution for the Door to Door project would also come in the form of a collage. As for the topic of motherhood, throughout the pandemic the role of mothers and caregivers in society was often discussed in german media. When kindergardens and schools closed, mothers and caregivers were expected to homeschool and entertain their children within the confinements of their homes while at the same time fulfilling their work obligations. This was an extremely challenging time for all of us but especially for mothers and caregivers. Studies also showed that traditional gender roles were reinforced during the lockdowns in Germany, with women spending disproportionately more time for household chores, caregiving, homeschooling and other familial duties then men. “The little mother” reminds us of those challgenes that mothers and caregivers faced in the lockdowns and also connects them to the long tradition of depicting motherhood in art.

About Viola

Born in 1993 in the south of Germany, Viola Schmitt is a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of painting, sculpting, collage, and printmaking. Now based in Berlin the artist weaves insights from her academic studies in philosophy, political science, and gender studies into her creative practice. Viola Schmitt enjoys the freedom of working in various styles and mediums, collage-making being only a recent addition and one of her current favourites. The interest in collage-making started during the corona-pandemic and the first lockdown when access to printmaking studios, to lifedrawing sessions and to other artistic spaces was no longer possible. The materials for her collage are mainly sourced from the many Zu-Verschenken-Boxes, that people put out on the streets of Berlin to give away things they no longer want or need. This way her sources, materials and inspirations remain always closely tied to the city she lives and works in.

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