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(108) Yudha Scholes – By A Master of Etching (Australia)

About this Artwork
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I was very excited to see the image by Albrecht Durer. It brought back wonderful memories of the drawing studio at Art College, which had an image of his Rhinocerus hung high on the wall. It always struck me as the perfect example of precision and proportion.
I really enjoyed this image of St. Christopher, with the Christ child shining light, created through nothing more than the incredible linework engraved by Durer. I didn’t want to change anything about this image itself,I simply wanted to find a way to update it, contemporise it for a new audience.
Recently I have been working with a flatbed lasercutter and it’s etching functionality in a series of artworks that responded to the Australian bushfires of 2020. Imitating the powerful element of fire, a laser is used to burn the images into organic materials such as paper or wood, enabling me to embody nature’s destructive power.
I have used this same technique to re-etch Durer’s St. Christopher Looking Left, this time on polymer paint scraped across a black card. The irony of the title, By A Master of Etching, of course referring to Albrecht Durer, but now executed by high tech, 21st century machinery, adds the final link between the old and the new.

About Yudha

I have been working as an artist since I graduated from Melbourne University in 1993. Whilst I majored in painting, I have always used a range of media, pushing boundaries between painting and drawing, printmaking and photography. I am interested in how the juxtaposition of these disciplines can open new levels of connection to the audience. Through these artistic inquiries, I aim to explore and share a range of emotions evoked by my immersion in the landscape.
Recently my exploration of the natural world has begun to resemble a spiritual journey. As I have become more attuned to the native Australian environment it seems to have it’s own collective intelligence; it’s own moods, knowledge and multiple personalities. The understanding that our natural environments are very much ephemeral has stimulated new inquiries into artistic methods to express these universal ideas.
I have taken a residency at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Artist Centre in Nowra, NSW each year for the last decade. Pivotal to my art-practice, these intensive workshop based residencies have enabled me to extend my artistic repertoire whilst focussing on the pristine Shoalhaven landscapes that so inspired Boyd.
Alongside my art practice, I hold the position of Head of Art at Scotch College, Melbourne, where I teach senior students a full art program.

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Yudha was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 7
Great painters of all Nations- How they lived and what they achieved.
By a Master of Etching.