Plate 103

(98) Paulina Campos – Lisa got a friend (Australia)

About this Artwork
Price: $300 AUD 

Two different women, one in part is my own creation; I decided to approach the work by juxtaposing the images whilst using vibrant colors and a sense of whimsy.
This work is an exploration of blending what by itself seems impossible; in this instance two time lines more than 500 years apart and two different approaches to art making.
Mona Lisa depicts a woman in the past, immortalized and eerily silent today yet much talked about, visited, studied and more. Da Vinci was a master of the “sfumato technique” I decided to juxtapose the image with one that I created when I was training as a graphic artist, sharp colors and lines ready for mass production and consumption. The challenge was to bring them together; two very different techniques and somehow find a way of blending these images.
Both women have been relegated to being observers rather than participants, somehow it reminds me of the importance of the Women’s Liberation movement and the struggle for equality; what has been gained and what is still ahead.

About Paulina:

My art practice involves image appropriation; I often wonder what would the purpose be of creating everything from scratch when I am continuously surrounded by both screens and images, basically ready made “gone galore” it only takes noticing.
Door to Door has proven to be a perfect opportunity for chance and experimentation; the source images was given to me I had no say on what I would get and had to set my own preferences aside; both exciting and daunting at the same time.
My practice engages with different media, photos, collage, acrylic paint, stills from my own videos, drawings and large format prints. I use photo manipulation software in order to attain a particular effect inviting multiple interpretations and creating an alternative reality where different time lines co-exist. As my practice progresses, I feel increasingly comfortable with allowing for chance to take place, even a mistake might bring in new opportunities. At times it seems to me that it is the canvas and the colors that dictates how the creative process is going to progress

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Paulina was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial 
Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia
Volume 7
Great painters of all Nations- How they lived and what they achieved.
Da Vincis Mona Lisa