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(39) Sue McLeod – De Profundis (Australia)

About this Artwork
Price: $400 AUD

Over the millennia, from primitive organisms, and prehistoric creatures, life emerged from chaos in the depths of the ocean.

This took profound intimacy, as converging organisms, and replicated DNA were shared and adapted. Eventually, the human race evolved.

Today, that same profound physical closeness with others, sustains and comforts us, giving us self worth.

Yet this closeness now has the potential to return us to chaos, as the human race faces the challenge of Covid 19.

In an effort to reflect what is happening in the lives of so many people, and indeed, in nature itself as the planet faces so many challenges, this work is deliberately chaotic It was inspired by the pages I received depicting dinosaurs and prehistoric fish.

It is my belief that art helps us explore, and come to terms with the emotions and challenges we all face in life, and particularly as we try to find a way through the dichotomy of this Corona virus.

About Sue

My work seeks to challenge the barriers between photography and traditional art, as well as exploring the dilemmas faced by people in this often very unequal world.

In the beauty of nature we can find solace, particularly if we can look beyond the obvious and mindfully concentrate on our surroundings, . Therefore, my imagery is mostly contemporary / conceptual, seeking to find meaning in the every day items and scenes we take for granted.

I seek, in my abstracted images, to start imaginary conversations with the viewer, posing questions and asking the viewer to seek answers. In this way, a a remote, but meaningful bond can be forged between viewer and artist. This involves work on the part of the viewer, for they must be willing to engage in the ‘conversation’.

I believe art can uniquely unite people, helping us all express our fears, and joys, our dilemmas and answers. Even if individual works do not resonate, they still pose questions, and help us to decide where our priorities lie.

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Sue was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of the World in the days of long ago
Animals of Prehistoric Times 1