Pia Tham Garden

Pia Tham

Title: The red thread / Den röda tråden
Medium: Colored pencil on fabric
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 80 EUR

This little embroidered artwork is developed directly from my life drawing and made using freehand machine embroidery with pre-loved fabrics. In my thread drawings I explore the experience of being a woman and themes relating to women: such as empowerment, equality, strength, sensuality, self love, vulnerability and our connections with others. I aim to convey a sense of a woman’s inner landscape and her connection to her environment. This piece is part of a series that explores my personal response to COVID -19 and my experience of the pandemic and the limitations it has brought.

Art Aviso Artists were supplied with a page from a 1950’s National Geographic Magazine selected at random, which was to act as the basis of an artwork for exhibition in an evolving online project.

Here is how they responded…

My artwork is often created by graphite or charcoal on a carefully selected paper. My drawings are detailed and more often than not with a bizarre, funny twist. Be it inspired by old carnival posters, cabinet cards or from nature. Birds are a reoccurring motive, and often a species that is on the verge of extinction. This is to raise awareness and remind us of how fragile life can be, and that we should take care of our environment.
Im always open to projects and collaborations!