Paula McLoughlin COMPASS

Paula McLoughlin

Title: Yasss
Medium: Screenprint
Dimensions: 76 x 320cm (3 panels)
Price: $ 4200 AUD

Title: The Dream #2
Medium: Screenprint
Dimensions: 80x120cm
Price: $ 2200 AUD (Framed)

in these screenprints I exploit the process of colour separation with the intention of creating differing layers and textures to bring depth and clarity. The hope is to provide different planes of focus, the opportunity to stare into the distance or look through the textures through to in intermediate focal point.

The Dream #2 is a landscape in Iceland that I found a deep connection to almost loosing myself in the disappearing horizon.

Yasss is 3 panel farm landscape (76 x 320cm ) near Yass that makes me feel safe, big and small all at the same time.

landscapes and memories, they are memories of places once visited and captured with hopeful expectation. They were captured so that there is a pathway back to the sensation of being there and I would use these Images like a scent or a piece of music to guide me back to the sensation of being there, in the open unencumbered, to feel the freedom and sense of place.

About Paula:
I am a printmaker primarily using screenprinting, though I do use other mediums – I have had a solid arts practice for more than 20 years – I work with themes of place, belonging conversation and connection and use my practice as an extension of myself to explore a philosophical self