The Garden of Loss & Triumph – Art Aviso Event 7.0

’The Garden of Loss and Triumph’
Before it finds its way into personal possession, linen’s value emerges from being laborious to manufacture, a process, which makes its natural fibres forever strong and absorbent. Following this birth, it’s ongoing presence is linked to the home: reminiscent of a mother’s linen cupboard, a grandmother’s linen chest, time and time again, lining the family’s beds, bathrooms, tables and windows. 
Passed down through generations, the durable material traverses and embodies the memory of familial experience and emotion. Grief, trauma, loss, but also resilience, regrowth and triumph are profoundly personal, whilst communal in the universality of human experience. 

(Words by Tahney Fosdike)
Exhibition Title: The Garden of Loss and Triumph
Presented by Art Aviso

Artworks should be received by Art Aviso by September 30, 2021 for inclusion in the Australian based exhibition. Postage details are included in the online submission form.

Amsterdam – NDSM Fuse – June 2022
Melbourne – No Vacancy Gallery – 8-14th November 2021

Entries open to: current Art Aviso subscribers based in Australia, NZ, and Europe with a complete Artist profile and a valid subscription. Artists must have a current subscription in order to be exhibited.

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Entry requirements 

There is no entry fee. This project is open to current Art Aviso Artist subscribers with a complete Artist profile and a valid subscription.
To Enter:

Art Aviso Artists based in Australia, NZ, and Europe are encouraged to apply, however once the supply of linen and cotton panels are exhausted participation requests will close – get in quick.
Linen Artworks can be offered for sale during the physical exhibition and we will be accepting pre-sale enquiries as part of the virtual exhibition.

Art Aviso Artist subscribers will be provided with an A4-sized piece of linen/cotton fabric reclaimed from vintage tablecloths and remnants. The linen should be used as the foundation for an artwork that is an expression of the challenges, loss and grief we currently face in our everyday lives and also the triumphs, large and small that we create and experience along the way. The artwork should be completed in such a way that it can be joined to another piece of fabric for installation and potentially hung from a height. Completed artworks will be joined together to create an installation artwork – A communal expression of the current state of the world in which we live.
Art Aviso, will work with Amsterdam based Curator Roza Schenk to bring this exhibition to Amsterdam.
*All entered artworks will be exhibited in either Melbourne or Amsterdam and a selection will be exhibited in both. Images of completed artworks will also be exhibited online in a virtual exhibition.
All mediums are encouraged.
Art Aviso will accept requests for inclusion until the supply of linen pieces is exhausted. Requests for inclusion and postage of linen to the Artists will be rolled out in Phases.
*Blending the Physical gallery space with the online and outside realms.
The linen based artworks will each be given a unique digital identifier which can act as a key/link to another artwork, which could include: soundscape, film, video art, performance, poetry, spoken word, outdoor installation, etc. that exists in the online space or a space outside of the gallery. The Artists also have the option to link to their Art Aviso profile.
We are happy to answer questions prior to submission. We expect the possibilities for this exhibition to evolve. Questions should be sent via email to



Commission may apply to sales, which will be received by the Gallery venue – (Art Aviso does not receive any of the commission). Commission amount to be confirmed.

Entrants must warrant that their entries are their original work. They must be the sole copyright holder and intellectual property owner of their entries in accordance with Australian law and warrant that any intellectual property rights and moral rights of a third party have not been infringed. Intellectual property rights in entries remain with the entrant as the copyright owner. It is a condition of entry that the entrant grants to Art Aviso and the member Gallery licence to use, publicly display, publicise, reproduce the entry or part of an entry, including in electronic form and broadcast, for publicity, promotional, educational and administrative purposes associated with the Art Aviso Event 7.0

Art Aviso is a website created to provide opportunities to visual artists and the promotion of unique, original and limited edition artwork, and not for the promotion of mass produced artwork or merchandise or work deemed to potentially infringe copyright law or any material including, but not limited to, material that is, in our opinion, likely to cause annoyance, or which is defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise and we reserve the right to reject artworks of this nature.

Delivery of Artwork:
Artists will be responsible for the delivery of artwork to Art Aviso at delivery points in both Amsterdam and Melbourne.
Artists are responsible for any costs associated with the postage or delivery of artwork, including insurance and return postage. Art Aviso and it’s Gallery partners will always take the utmost care with your artwork, however losses, damages and insurance coverage are the responsibility of the submitting artist.

Unsold Artworks will be packaged and returned to Artists by Art Aviso (at the Artists expense). 

Please note that these details, descriptions and dates may be subject to change. Participating Artists will be notified in the event of any changes.

All successful submitting artists must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
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