Nada Murphy

Nada Murphy (Australia)

Title: Regrowth & Respect
Medium: Rice paper print collage, drawing , embroidery & eco dye and natural materials
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$POA

Collage with Rice paper painting print, ink, bush grasses on eco dyed linen 21 X 30 cm
I asked myself why did smoke enveloping Perth from the Wooraloo fires in February 2021 evoked strong memory from my childhood?
In my lifetime many fires have burnt across this continent often with loss of life and homes leaving an indelible mark with recovery sometimes slow despite resilience.
The work is constructed with a rice paper print from a small work in my collection, completed after the 2009 King Lake fires in Victoria, when friends lost their home and one of their dogs. Torn to represent the destruction of life and country and stitched to bring our place back together. Bush-dyes and bush grasses are used to connect with the county with respect.

My work investigates stories in the landscape and the connections of people to the land.
The bush runs in my veins.
We live, love and thrive on country that needs fire to regenerate andt find we mus find our way back when the fire is ferocious and engulfs our dreams and other layers of loss to remind us we need to walk together with respect.