Michelle Kurth

Michelle Kurth (Australia)

Title: Lines of Communication
Medium: Cotton warp, wool, maps, plastic models, hospital gown, paper, envelopes
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$300

I first started tapestry weaving six years ago and was immediately drawn to the stillness and calm it evoked within me. Weaving for me

is a type of meditation.

My background is in Graphic Design, and in my weaving I am often drawn to bold colours and shapes. Since learning how to blend colours with yarn I am fascinated with the comparison of preparing colours and tints on paper for print, to the subtle colour change and blends that can be achieved in tapestry weaving.

I moved to Australia four years ago, continuing my bond with the UK, through family, friends and ties created by our shared history. That bond remained strong with accessible travel and when the 12,000 miles across the world could be covered in a few days.
This easy connection changed eighteen months ago, and now other lines of communication have taken its place.

With this, a new dynamic to most relationships. The threads that bound us through blood and our past, sometimes strong, and at other times easily broken. Testing the strength of each.

The restrictions on so many people during this time. No only the liberty of travel that we once took for grantage, but also the freedom of movement closer to home.
Families no longer able to have that physical connection, and turning to alternative methods of communication and attachment.

Through all this the opportunity to revalue what and who is important to us. What relationships are worth keeping alive? When do we feel obligated to keep going even if the threads have become weak?

If we can remove ourselves from the external narrative maybe we’ll understand the positive in our own situation?
Can we appreciate the small things that our old, distracted life had prevented us from recognising?
Are we able to see our world in a whole new way, with our own inner dialogue becoming the most important line of communication.