Meraki Vagary

Meraki Vagary-

Title : A kinder world

Medium: Mixed Media (nature led, somatic informed combined with digital).

Price : POA

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

I often wonder what a world without hate and greed would feel like.
They say there are many other habitable worlds out there in the universe.
I wonder if, somewhere, there’s a beautiful, slow and calm world where life revolves around peace and tranquility.
No such thing as consumerism, war or religion.
Just a group of beings who exist in harmony together and for the benefit of the planet they inhabit.
Working with the snails these past two years has taught me so much and in this piece I have used some of the snails paintings to create imaginary planets that float in the depths of space.
Even the stars out here were created in a calm and organic way.
Digital manipulation and collage, merged with organic materials and nature-led processes gives birth to a new kind of solar system.
One that we could all do with a vacation to.

About Meraki:

Meraki Vagary is an interdisciplinary artist; challenging the boundaries of art, science and society using anthropological study and contemporary, fine art practices.

Thinking, searching, foraging, larking.

Collected artefacts and ecological processes merge with ancestral, land based connections to create liminal installations.

Somatic informed processes are used to reconnect with the natural world.

Through ‘The Art of Slowing Down’ we are invited to reflect on our own self-awareness and take a moment to be calmer, exploring nature as a medium.