Melissa Stewart

Title : Virtual Nature

Medium: Photography

Dimensions : 85cm x 60 cm

About the artwork:

Being in nature has always allayed my anxiety, it is a form of meditation. I take myself to places that enable me to reconnect and observe the resilience of nature. More so now it is imperitive that we connect with parts of ourselves that you havent before and reconnect, cultivate attentivness, and pay attention to the world around you.

About Melissa:

Melissa Stewart is an artist based in Victoria, working predominantly with photography but also painting, whose work aims to invite the viewer to take a moment to be present with the natural world she cherishes. Her practice is very intuitive, allowing for a long time of meditative observation of the Australian landscape before she makes the work, in a communion with the elements surrounding her, such as the seaside, the trees but also horses, which are prevalent in her work. She epitomizes the resilience of nature as a mirror to our own and wants to encourage the viewer, through her organic and natural aesthetic, to value the importance of nature in our daily lives.