Marylin Litchfield

Marylin Litchfield (Australia)

Title: the path to my new door
Medium: acrylic
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$320

This work is a story telling of the triumph of my recent arrival to live amongst the mighty mountain ash trees near Melbourne and then coming to terms with what I lost in that process. The figurative and evocative lines of roots and branches; seeds and leaves stretching from the trunk amidst my characteristic patterns of color are evocative of spring and of the brown of decay and the green of growth; a meandering path that lead to my new door.

My abstracted paintings and drawings are the visual expression of my inner world. Images draw on observations of the natural environment and our human made world and integrate in detailed visual stories. My work references nature’s processes of growth and decay and subtly reference both landscape and the figurative.
My visual style is expressive and contemplative and begins with a first mark on paper, wood or canvas. These gestures develop with rhythmic line and form, emotive color and tone, and aesthetic surface until a visual resolution is met.

– Marylin Litchfield