Mariona Clave Garden

Mariona Clavé

Title: Always
Medium: Worked and hardened linen fabric
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 240 EUR

The Garden of loss and triumph … over the last year a lot of people have lost, a lot of people have triumphed. And I like to focus on what I have gained, on what I have triumphed: I have learned to value insignificant things a lot more and not value material things so much. I learned to enjoy a good walk across the vineyards and admire the landscapes that surround the village where I live. I have learned to enjoy a lot more of any time, even if it is only 5 minutes, with the people I love. I have learned to value and respect what makes others happy, whatever it is.

But while working on my artwork “Always”, I feel the need to express what I have lost, what my heart has been feeling for a year. My heart has experienced the greatest loss I have ever felt, the deepest pain. A loss that I know time will heal, little by little, but that I will never forget … never. I feel the need to express how much I miss her, how much I need her, how much I think about her and at the same time, I feel the need to express that she will be “Always” with me.

I am a restless and very curious person. I find it very difficult to be doing nothing. I like to experiment because I know it always leads me to enjoy, create, play with materials, shapes and colors. I always enjoy what I do and on a canvas, the possibilities are endless.

I like the effect that gives working with fabric. Volume, perspective and a different point of view. From time to time, I work with other materials such as recycled cotton thread. Hardening the materials gives me the possibility to immortalize my works, created at just the right time.

I am lucky enough to live surrounded by nature and tranquility in the Alt Penedès, in Catalonia. Land of beautiful vineyards and fantastic landscapes that change every day. Land full of inspiration that makes me live fully and with the illusion of being able to express what I feel and at the time I need it, through my artworks.