Marion De Boer

 Title : Where nature takes over, art remains

Medium: digital representation of cyanotypes and lumen prints in context

Dimensions : diverse, to a maximum of 50 x 50 cm / 50 x 70 cm

About the artwork:

During Covid I explored and got to know my neighbourhood in the northern part of the Netherlands even better than before. On one of my walks I discovered an abandoned greenhouse that used to belong to an old horticultural school. I spent many hours there, contemplating, reminiscing and observing how growth and decay went hand in hand. What happens if nature takes over? Art remains. It inspired me to make new work using old photographic techniques: cyanotype and lumen. I decided to give my work back to nature and the greenhouse that was such an inspiration, so the incidental wanderer could enjoy, wonder, question or be inspired by it. At the end of the process I made digital representations of my work in this context.

About Marion:

I am a visual storyteller and academic anthropologist interested in creating local and sustainable images with elements from nature and used or recycled materials.

I make analoge cameraless photographs, showing the beauty of nature in collaboration with sunlight. I expose local flowers, leaves and seaweeds to sunlight and work mainly on expired old photo paper, handmade cotton rag paper and recycled cotton. I’m interested in communicating through my art in expositions or collaborative projects.