Maria Lopes

Title : Alentejo

Medium: oil on canvas

Dimensions : 70x60cm

About the artwork:

The name of the work I present here is Alentejo. An oil on canvas, representing a region of Portugal I love, Alentejo.
The sky, like the skies I usually paint, is a dramatic one but yet reflecting its light on the yellow field. My intention was to take the eye to the sky and then to the field. Alentejo is a part of Portugal that is too cold or too hot, a rough region that its beauty lies on the hardship of its rustic nature. I chose for the fields the yellow and the purple because it relates to the colours of Alentejo spring.

About Maria:

I’m a 58 years old self-taught artist. I restarted painting last September, during the Covid confinement. I used to paint when I was much younger but then life took me to other paths. Now that I raised 4 children, I have time to dedicate myself to art, desire that I was always kept in my bucket list. I’ve been working hard to have a body of work that can express my evolution and I feel stronger every time I paint a new painting , I feel a deeper connection with myself and nature around me. I like to paint skies, dramatic ones with a glint of calm. I never include in my paintings man made things.
“Less resistance, more resilience.
Less control, more surrender.
Less head, more heart.”