Lynette Joy

Lynette Joy (Australia)

Title: Future Fish
Medium: Found objects
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$100

This artwork is an expression of the challenges, loss and grief we currently face in our everyday lives and into the future.
8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year. Our precious whales, turtles, fish and seabirds are swallowing more plastic than ever — and it’s killing them. In Australia, the Tasman Sea is a global hotspot for impacts by marine debris. (
We eat these fish containing microplastics, what does this mean for our health? What will the oceans of our future look like? Is this the only type of fish our future holds? What happens to our world with the loss of ocean biodiversity?

This artwork has been created from plastic rubbish collected from the seaside. It is purposely clumsy and ugly, for without major changes made to our treatment of this earth, that’s what our future will be. The feelings of grief and loss for our environment are overwhelming for me.

I have recently retired from teaching art at RMIT University. This finally allows me more time to make my own art. I have spent my entire artist life concerned with the natural world and its intimate connection with mythology. I despair at the damage we have created for our earth, more damage and destruction in the last century than the millions of years before. My arts practice is very varied, I will create pieces from anything I feel appropriate to convey my message. Painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing are all tools at my disposal.