Louise D’Amico

Louise D’Amico (Australia)

Title: Australian Flowers
Medium: Embroidery
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: POA

My art work was inspired by a drive to the country in 2021, when I noticed some pretty Australian flowers. I am really interested in depicting flowers at the moment. I also really enjoy doing embroidery as an alternative to painting, printmaking and photography. It makes me feel very relaxed.

My Name is Louise D’Amico. I am an artist with intellectual disability. I enjoy visual arts and printmaking, and card making along with photography.
My favourite mediums to use when doing art are printmaking and acrylic paint. I attend an art group called Make a Day Art. The group is run for artists with a disability by Sheena Mathieson on a Tuesday between 11am to 4pm. It gives me an opportunity to make art and see art. In art class we do a wide range of artwork including printmaking, paint, colour and 3D. I like getting out in the community to see art in the streets, city, shops and parks. It gives me the opportunity to travel very independently to art and meet up with the group. Also, I get to see other exhibitions and work with other artists around Melbourne.
When I am not at art class, I am always putting creativity into my projects in my own time at home. At home I enjoy printmaking and paint, card making and drawing. My passion is to share my creativity with others who are like minded. I do
I enjoy making handmade cards. I like making Birthday cards for all diffent ages, thank you card, Get well soon and Holiday cards. My passion is to share my creativity