Leanne Booth

Leanne Booth-

Title : Finches and Mynas

Medium: Pen, ink, graphite & watercolour on 100% Cotton Arches Watercolour Paper, 300gsm

Price : POA

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

When I received my page, taken from The National Geographic Magazine (January 1953) I was really excited – I have a love of birds, and they feature quite often in my works, either by accident or design. As the Zebra finch, Fire finch and Hill Mynas are birds found different continents in the wild – Australia, Africa and Asia respectively, I thought it would be fun to place all the birds featured into one work and add to the grouping by incorporating additional finches and foliage from the various continents.
As I sat working on this piece in my studio a cold weather front hit locally, but within this small world on my page I was in a warm tropical place surrounded by the sound and colour of these wonderful birds.
As isolation under Covid restrictions keeps me at home, listening and watching the birds interact with each other outside reminds me that there is much to be grateful for. I long for a day when I can do as they do – move freely through the world, interacting with others without fear.

About Leanne:

My name is Leanne Booth. I am a full-time working artist who has a studio at my home in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW. From this base I work to create original paintings and artworks for entry into prizes, solo and group exhibitions and private commissions.
My painting style ranges from contemporary realism through to abstract. I work predominantly with acrylics, inks and mixed media, in layers, and my paintings often begin as a random idea or set of paint strokes, which evolve until the image triggers a memory of an experience or place visited.
Over the years I have learnt to disregard the rules and work experimentally with multiple media, and love the buzz and excitement of surprise results. I still bounce between realism and abstract, but my favourite pieces are the abstract ones, with elements in them that engage with the viewer and I am thrilled when a new narrative is seen within a work.
I paint because I am compelled to record my emotive responses to the world around me. The world is complex, ever changing, oftentimes difficult but my preference is to try to communicate an underlying sense of hope about the world’s evolution and our future.