Lauren Mason Garden

Lauren Mason

Title: Empty (Blue)
Medium: Mixed media (linen, pva glue, film, paper, thread)
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 100 EUR

‘Empty (Blue)’ is a work of recording, waiting and absence. It celebrates failed efforts at visible measure through a combination of blank and miscarried records. Photographic materials and practices are utilised in inverted ways, instead displayed blank and appreciated in their simplicity.

For The Garden of Loss and Triumph, the work is representative of memory. ‘Empty (Blue)’ visibly details nothing, or nothing that it originally attempted. However, it still holds the shadows of its representations.

Acting as a canvas of curiosity and projection, the viewer can muse on what could be, often considering from their own experiences what was, and what is, and what will be.

Lauren holds a BA in Photography from The University of Brighton (2017-2020).
b.1994 in Coventry (UK), she is now a Brighton based artist.

Interested in analogue processes and equipment, she plays in its crossovers with the digital world. Using the camera, or anything with a similar function, she attempts to draw attention to the overlooked, questioning why things are the way they are.

Attracted to popular culture and archive material, Lauren amalgamates her documents with appropriated resources to create the works. The process translates medium specificities, often in rigorous and somewhat pointless ways. Digital pieces move backwards, only to come forwards again. Analogue works join with the screen, and then are rendered back into tactile pieces.⁠

Her longstanding interest is in consumerism and fetishisation, asking questions around how photographs can solve some of these issues.