Kirstie Tebbs

Title : How A Spider Builds Her Web series no.6

Medium: Ink and acrylic on cartridge paper and mount board

Dimensions : 1.6m x 1.4m

About the artwork:

One of the most fundamental theories of how our universe is made up is string theory. These strings of reality entwine and interact and how better to visualise a simplified version than through a spiders web! Our perception on reality is all different to one another, and our own snapshot perception of reality changes to external influences. A spider builds their web in different ways dependant on what runs through their systems.

About Kirstie:

I am a multi-disciplinary artist inquiring into ‘being’, exploring the philosophical ideas of presence, time and substance. My aim in my art is to showcase the idea of ‘being’ in an interactive installation space through perception, the infinite, absence, and presence. Currently studying Ma Fine Art at University of Hertfordshire. Founder of Tebbs gallery.