Kirstie Tebbs

Kirsti, Tebbs (UK)

Title: Energy 5
Medium: Ink, acrylic, canvas
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: £250

As apart of the energy series, it EXPLORES THE NOTION OF BEING DOWN TO THE CORE ASPECTS OF THE COSMOS. THROUGH CELLULAR CONSTRUCTION AND COSMIC FORMS, IT MAKES THE OBSERVER THINK ABOUT WHERE THEY COME FROM AND WHAT THEY ARE. From cellular construction to planetary bodies to dna splices, how is the universe made up? Why are we here! How has a scientific fluke created life on Earth?

I am a UK based multi-disciplinary artist and founder of Tebbs Gallery, inquiring into ‘being’, exploring the philosophical ideas of presence, time and substance. My aim in my art is to showcase the idea of ‘being’ in interactive art pieces, from installation to photography to drawings, contemplating space through perception, the infinite, absence, and presence.¬†Currently studying Ma Fine Art at University of Hertfordshire.