Karen Standke

Title : Pyrenees Landscape #14

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions : 183 x 91 cm

About the artwork:

The Pyrenees in Western Victoria keep drawing me back for a visit. The rolling hills, the wild forest, the extremes in temperature in Summer and Winter and the wildly different light you can experience in just a day is inspiring me time and again. This painting is Number 14 in an ingoing series I have been working on since 2011.

About Karen:

Karen Standke is a contemporary Landscape Artist who has worked and exhibited internationally for over two decades.

Her paintings are informed by thorough research into the changing face of the landscape and the impact of climate change, introduction of weeds and non native fauna and flora.
The signs of these impacts can be subtle and beautiful in themselves.
Karen’s paintings focus on the change in the environment -and thus the work questions how we respond emotionally? how do we respond practically to these challenges?
It is this juxtaposition that the artist is most interested in, informed by psychology, politics, religion and science.