Julie-anne COMPASS

Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper

Title: Reawakening-The Rain
Medium: Oil on Plywood
Dimensions: 120cm x 45cm
Price: $ 2300 AUD

Reawakening-The Rain.
While the soft greys of distant mountains stand guard, the landscape in this scene is the spectator to the small but magical event as the deep orange glow of the suns first light floods the magnificent terrain. I wanted in this painting to capture forever that moment of action in tranquility, showing that even in a landscape carefully crafted by farming the mysterious can still happen.

About Julie-anne:
In my art practice I use traditional materials and techniques, yet I inevitably bring a contemporary sensibility to my subjects. The emptiness I portray in my paintings addresses existential themes such as the isolation of the individual soul experiencing the vastness of the landscape. Like many artists I experience life as separate from society, looking in at the world from another perspective.
I create contemplative works, rich in colour with a luminous quality that captures the elemental forces of land and sky, and dramatic but transient meteorological moods. These mirror and become metaphors for human feelings and emotional change: uniting the external with the internal.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, and my practice involves, but is not limited to, painting, animation/video, installation and digital art. Across these mediums my goal is to breathe life into the inanimate, inviting viewers to contemplate both physical and psychological transformation and plasticity, as well as the intelligence and agency that may exist within synthetic materials.

While gleaning reference materials from the landscape, personal events, mythology and science fictionhorror films, my works are an exercise in exploring the weird worlds that exist beneath the surface and exposing them as multi layered and fastidious renderings. Often using tropes and metaphors from a broad range of sources, I explore weird biological and social phenomena while straddling both traditional and non-traditional techniques and blurring the line between what is natural and what is unnatural.