Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper

Julie-anne,Armstrong-Roper (Australia)

Title: The Garden of Loss and Triumph
Medium: Oil on Linen
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: POA

In this image painted for the Exhibition ‘The Garden of Loss and Triumph’ I have depicted a single exposed tree as it stands alone, bent but not broken, on a windswept landscape. Here I have represented the frailty yet strength evidenced by the human condition. How much we depend on the natural environment yet how confronting it can be. Still, this one tree stands tall. Triumphant through its weakness and loss.

The opportunity to commune with nature has led many artists on personal journeys of self-discovery and exploration, opening up new vistas in their art and understanding.
I create paintings in which I use the landscape as metaphor for the emotive changes we experience through our lives. My work about isolation in the Australian landscape, I attempted to communicate a feeling of displacement and the surreal state that can be experienced as we past though our life.