Julia Supple Garden

Julia Supple

Title: Seeds that will never grow
Medium: fabric, fabric paints, mouline
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 150 EUR

This artwork is a statement of grief for the young lives that have been abruptly interrupted by war.

I was 7 months pregnant when the war in my homeland Ukraine broke out. Ongoing news about losses among civilians broke my heart every day. Everyday I opened the news feed and saw a new number of victims, dead and wounded. Here’s the point I’ve changed my initial concept for the project and decided to devote my piece to the children of Ukraine who were killed since February 2022 by Russian army. It depicts a sunflower – one of the traditional Ukrainian plants and export resources. Every cross is a life of a child taken away by war. There are 362 confirmed deaths to date (10.08.2022) and there 362 cross-stitches in this sunflower.

I started when the number of deaths was already quiet big and then continued adding stitches, crying over the victims of shelling of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odessa and many more Ukrainian cities. I knew that I will be adding more every single day but never made a stitch in advance, hoping that I will actually have to add no more. It felt weird and painful to breastfeed my baby and add a stitch for every child killed, infants as well.

I’m sending out this piece of artwork unfinished because the war is still on and Russians continue killing Ukrainians and destroy our homes and land. By now 361 children were killed, about thrice as much injured and made handicapped, a few millions had to leave their homes and several hundred thousands have no home to go back to, no kindergarten, school or sports club to go to if they are back. This what Russian politicians were calling “military aims” and “nazis”.

All profit from this artwork is to be donated to Ukrainian initiatives.

“I draw my inspiration from folk cultures from around the world, daily city life and color. My main artistic mediums are soft and oil pastels but I regularly explore other techniques and materials, as well as engage in craft. A hands-on approach is very essential for me as I “think through my hands”. I’m happy to be part of this collaborative project because it allowed me to use mediums different to what I normally show publicly”.

Julia Suptel (20.07.1987) is a Ukrainian-born artist currently based in Dresden, Germany.